Monday, May 5, 2008

Course sylllabi

I've looked at the syllabus for a course on scientific representation by Bas van Fraassen (from Princeton University). In terms of content, it's a terrific course! However, there is no mention of learning outcomes or how they could be measured at all...

I've also looked at the syllabus for a course on research ethics and science studies at the University of Copenhagen. Here is how the syllabus describes the aims of the course:

"The course aims at updating the participants' understanding of concepts, theories, and perspectives from philosophy (including ethics), history and social studies of science, on a more advanced level than basic introductions given in bachelor programs (like the Danish course "Fagets Videnskabsteori", i.e., basic philosophy of science)."

Again, no learning outcomes are clearly specified nor is there anything about how to measure them.

Even though this is an extremely small and obviously unrepresentative sample, I found this very puzzling indeed!

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