Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Learning outcomes

There are 7 learning outcomes explicitly listed on the syllabus for the Theory of Knowledge course. They are listed under "course objectives", highlighting the skills that the students will be developing during the course, as they come to grips with the theory of knowledge.

The syllabus doesn't explicitly indicate how each individual learning outcome will be measured. The course requirements (short papers, answers to selected reading questions, and final papers) were supposed to measure them as a whole.

I realize, however, that it would be much better to devise specific assignments to measure each of these outcomes more directly. For example, the two writing assingments that I just created below -- one focusing on the concept of knowlege, the other on the refutation of skepticism -- could be used to measure directly the learning outcomes that deal, respectively, with the characterization of knowledge and the refutation of skepticism.

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